10 Tips You Should use When You First Start Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

One of the newest and most popular sports, when the weather is warm, is stand up paddleboarding. If you have thought about trying this new sport, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to help you stay safe and have a good time when you’re paddleboarding. Below are ten tips that you can use for starting out paddle boarding.

Make sure you’re leashed

This is something that any paddle boarder should do, but when you are starting out, it’s important to know how essential leashes are with any condition. The leash will help you, and everybody around you stays safe when you’re paddling. There are various kinds of leashes and various kinds of attachments based on the style of paddling you’re doing, check out the different options to see what one will be best for you.

Be sure you’re paddling correctly

This is a mistake that people make all the time when they’re starting out. They’re using their paddles for scooping the water so they’re able to balance as well as paddle and they’re not falling. But everyone finds out eventually that the paddle should go the other way so it’s more effective when you’re standing up and it’s also a stroke that’s a lot smoother and less stressful on your elbows and shoulders. As the shift of the paddle’s leading, you’re pulling your blade through your water in a position that’s slightly trailing which will help your blade to be more stable. As you’re performing your stroke, your blade’s vertical will provide you the very best angle through the middle of the stroke to create the most power.

Make sure you’re paddling in the right direction

If you’re not a surfer, it’s not immediately apparent which end of your paddleboard is its nose and which is his tail. A lot of the beginner boards have large round noses and tails to create the best stability. They often also have large Eva deck areas to allow you to fall and move comfortably. So before jumping on your board, check to see where its fins are. Then make certain there in the rear when you’re paddling. Having the fins at your back will help keep your board straight while you’re paddling. This is known as tracking and helps with gripping while you’re surfing the waves. When your fins are at the front, your paddleboard is going to be very twitchy, and it’s not going to go straight, even when you put a lot of muscle into it.

Paddle using your core

The last thing you want to do is use your arms for paddling. This could sound somewhat weird in the beginning, but you’ll do the best paddling when you’re using your core. The core is where your body’s strongest muscles are, and they will provide you with the most power for your strokes. When you stand up tall and use your arms for paddling, it’s going to be extremely tiring, and you’re not going to get a lot of power.

Don’t look at your board

One thing you probably want to do is look at your board so that you’re able to keep an eye on the water that’s lapping at its sides and pray that you’re able to stay on. But to create the very best stability, you want to make sure your head is kept up, that your back is straight, and that your body weight’s staying over your feet and toes. This may sound silly, but when you have your head down, chances are you going to be watching your toes which means you are a lot more likely to fall back and into the water.

Be careful of those around you

There are lots of places on the water that you can paddleboard. There are wide rivers, large lakes, and a huge ocean. A paddleboard is a big item, and they can hurt if they hit you or someone else. Make sure that you’re aware of the other people on the water when you’re getting started with paddle boarding. Make sure there’s a lot of room for practicing paddling, falling, and standing.

Fall off correctly

Everyone falls. Even the professionals fall, so you want to be ready for your first fall. The most important thing that you want to remember is that it’s essential that you fall correctly. Like you’re able to practice things like wave riding and tricks, it’s important to practice falling or knowing how you can fall safely without being injured. Your paddleboard is big, and it can hurt you if you get hit by it. Therefore, you want to be falling away from it. You shouldn’t worry, though because you’re attached to the paddleboard using your leash, so it’s not going to get away from you and become lost. But when you’re falling away from your board, it’s going to let you gracefully fall into the water without falling onto your board or your fins. This is important in any location with waves or currents since the board is going to move independently of you.

Only catch waves you’re able to handle

This is one the most important things that you should remember when you are paddle boarding. The last thing you want to do is to try looking like a big shot and catching a huge wave right away. Use your brains and ride the waves that are the right size. Make sure you’re understanding the water’s power, and it’s flow.

Watch out for wind

Another thing you want to do is make sure that you’re watching out for the wind. You should know any conditions when you’re paddling out. You’re also want to know the day’s forecast so your aware of any kind of changes that may be coming. When you’re standing up on the paddleboard, you’re like a sail on a boat. If you find that the wind has changed unfavorably, simply laid down on the board with the paddle beneath you, then paddle your board just like if you were riding a surfboard. This is known as paddling prone.

Take care of your paddle and board

Beginner paddle boards are big. So that they’re maneuverable, strong and manageable, they have to be made from high-tech lightweight materials that are expensive. You want to make sure that you’re looking after your paddle and board, since they‘re fragile. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last you.

These are ten things that you should remember when you are getting started with stand up paddleboarding. They will help you stay safe and make sure that everyone else around you stay safe as well. Paddleboarding can be a lot of fun, and it makes a great summertime sport. But you want to make sure that you are doing it correctly and safely so that you have a good time and that you don’t wind up injured. Paddleboarding also can be a great way to exercise, since it helps you use your core.

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