7 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

The beach is a very popular place that people go when they are going on vacation. But did you know there are a lot of great reasons to go to the beach? Below are seven health benefits of going to the beach that you will find.

1. Saltwater is Soothing

The salt and minerals in the ocean will soothe your aching joints. Saltwater even can help with healing cuts and scrapes.

2. Sand can Exfoliate

Sand is able to naturally exfoliate your skin. It helps with peeling off the skin cells that are dead from feet along with other places and gives you a beautiful glow. If you are spending time at the beach, you’re spending the day in an outdoor, all-natural spa.

3. Wave Workout

All of the walking, running and swimming in in the water is going to be wonderful exercise. You can get fit, stay healthy or even may lose some weight on your vacation. When you swim for just an hour it can burn as many as 410 calories.

4. Vitamin D

Getting out in the sunshine is necessary to help your body function. Sunshine gives you Vitamin D, which plays a big role in promoting bone growth and health. You always should be sure that you’re wearing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

5. Calm Your Mind

When you’re at the beach, you will be treated to calming sights and sounds that can help your mind be calm. It’s a lot easier to let your mind be at peace when you are immersed in the sweet smells, sounds and sights of nature.

6. Detox from Technology

These days, we’re always on a type of electronic item. But when you’re around sand and salt water, laptops and cell phones don’t mix well. This is why going to the beach will be a great way that you can give yourself a break from your screens so that you are clearing mental clutter.

7. Enjoying Company

There is no secret that when you’re around family and friends that it’s bound to be fun. When you go to the beach, it’s going to be a great spot for catching up, telling stories, and generally having a fun time. Remember to bring snacks and refreshments.

These are the seven health benefits of going to the beach. You will find that you are revitalized and that your mind is feeling a lot clearer.

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