Average Temperatures in Marco Island, Florida per Month

Monday, May 1st, 2017

The common misconception is that Florida is always hot. But in some places, like Marco Island, the weather can fluctuate and even be cold, on occasion, throughout the year.

Average weather Marco Island, FL – January
Average high temperature: 70.5°F
Average low temperature: 51.3°F
Average temperature: 60.9°F
Average Precipitation: 2.09 inch
Average snowfall: 0 inch

Below we will look at the average temperatures in Marco Island for each month of the year and the amount of days in each month the temperature will be below or above a certain temperature.

All of these temperatures are averages and they’re based on data that was gathered in the years 1981 – 2010.

Temperatures are averages and based on data gathered in the years 1981 – 2010.

Temperatures are averages and based on data gathered in the years 1981 – 2010.

Marco Island’s Hot Weather Days

There are moderate temperatures in Marco Isled even when it’s summer. There are usually just 16 days each year where the high temperature is above 90. In general the temperature doesn’t go above 100 F or 38 C.

Marco Island enjoys moderate temperatures, even in summer. The Island typically has just 16 days a year with highs in the 90s Fahrenheit. It normally doesn’t get any hotter than 100 °F (38 °C) here.

Days per year in Temperature Ranges

Days per year in Temperature Ranges

Does Marco Island Have Cold Temperatures?

For the most part, Marco Island’s winter nights are mild. There are just six nights during the year on average will have a low of 40 or lower, and just one to two of them have freezing temperatures. When it drops to 32 or less it’s usually in January but it can also happen in December or even February.

Average Cold Days in Marco Island

Average Cold Days in Marco Island

As you can see, Marco Island has very comfortable temperatures year-round and it doesn’t get too cold or too hot very often.

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