A Guide to the Best Time to Visit Marco Island

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Planning a visit to Marco Island? If so, chances are that you want to know when the best time to go will be. Below we’ll take a look at the four seasons and see what the best times to visit this beautiful and historic island will be for you.


Spring’s the season that most people come to Marco Island. With temperatures in the perfect middle 70s and less rain as other times during the year, it’s no wonder this is the most popular and crowded time. It’s also the most expensive.


If you are looking to save some money on a Marco Island trip, the best time to visit is July. The reason that it’s very cheap during July is because it’s very rainy. The temperatures are also higher – they go above 90 from June until September.


November’s another good time for visiting Marco Island. The weather is decent, and the prices are still less expensive, particularly when you go before Thanksgiving. Since the kids are going to be off from school, it’s a great time to visit.


Along with spring, another popular month to visit Marco Island is December. This is when people come to get away from the colder weather. If you are tired of the cold weather, come to Marco Island and enjoy the warm weather!

When you want to visit Marco Island, keep this guide in mind so that you can get the best experience possible. Marco Island is a part of Florida that you don’t to miss!

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