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14 marines with 4 artillery. For support use support arty, engineer, signal and logistics. You can also use an exploit to get loads of special forces. Create loads of 2 width divisions and then convert them to unequipped 50 widths. The Best Marine Template - With Testing - Hoi4 NSB 71Cloak 19.7K subscribers Subscribe 1.2K 50K views 11 months ago Going over different templates and how they stack up against.

An even better version of the Cheap Lines that can be more versatile is the classic Space Marine build with some support units to give it that extra edge. For those new to template building, Space Marines in Hoi4 are infantry divisions with tanks inserted into the combat portion of the template. with the new or not so new update for hearts of irons waking the tiger a special forces cap was added but things were changed making marine division template.

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As for actual naval invasions, put 2 Amphib 2's and then fill the 20 width with Marines. Add in Engineers, Recon, Artillery, Maintenance & Signals. There it is. Amtracs are very expensive. Not sure if they are worth it. I never bother with anything under 20 width for combat divisions.

Click here for the Navy Guide! Creating divisions is one of the most important aspects of Hearts of Iron IV. In this guide, you'll be shown what division templates are best, supported by actual calculations. In addition, combat width, reliability and support companies are discussed in detail. 47 56 8 31 7 11 12 3 8 8 2 7 6 3 3 5 2 Award Favorite

You design a marine (naval invasion) template the way you would design any other breakthrough division. You want tanks to bring armor, hardness, and breakthrough. You want artillery/SPG's to bring a source of attacks.

You have a lot of room to do whatever in your templates. I think a 12-8 heavy tank amphmech are currently rated as the strongest invasion template. Your generals aee also kinda important. Makeshift bridges order is strong. UziiLVD • 2 yr. ago I'd mix tanks in the template, until Amtracs are available.

Marines 12-2, 30-Width In-game Template: Support Combat Engineer 12 x Marines Battalions Anti-Air 2 x Artillery Battalions Artillery - Explanation: This larger marine division template is designed to combat on plain islands and perform amphibious invasions. Future Tweaks: You are free to make modifications whatever you like.

Hoi4 bestes Marines TemplateVergleich von verschieden Marine Templates 20er 40er mit Artillerie und ohneBild von WikiImages auf Pixabay https://pixabay.com/d.

A robust and durable Marine Template Hoi4 will serve you for months and years to come. Availability: Products come and go, new products take the place of the old ones. Probably some new features were added, some necessary modifications were done.

There are some nice numbers like 18 width is a nice minimum size. But, if the Army Group is covering mountains and hills then 18 is leaving value on the table. Identify the two main terrains your operational movement will cross and tailor templates to that design.

The best possible naval invasion template : r/hoi4 by HoiFan The best possible naval invasion template What is your opinion to the best naval invasion template? Do I just use 7/2 with marines instead of regular infantry? What about the new naval tanks? This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 9 7 7 comments

Best Infantry Template in HOI4. Top HOI4 infantry template would be the 7/2, 20 width one. Simply add 7 infantry and 2 artillery to your infantry template. Their order is not important. This will make its combat width 20 which is optimal for early - mid game. Of course you must add engineer company, motorized recon company, and support.

Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates (By Blood Alone DLC) 2023 Each division consists of up to 5 combat regiments and 5 support companies. Each combat regiment is composed of up to 5 battalions. It costs 5 XP to add a battalion to a division, regardless if it is the same or new regiment.

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If you actually do the testing, the 45 width division you claim is really good in your guide fails to beat 10 widths, 15 widths, 20 widths, and 21 widths when attacking. It also cannot defend against either 10 or 15 widths. This is done with 15% coordination for the 45 widths. Firstly, yes it does. You are right.

10 Powerful Hearts of Iron 4 Infantry Templates. 10. Shock Troopers. For a love of Blitzkrieg. This template is for those who want a template that can keep up with a blitzkrieg through your tank corp. To properly support a blitzkrieg-styled offense, you need troops who can keep up with the rapid pace that it sets, and the abundance of motorized.

I'm playing as US and in early 1940 I'm looking to decide on my Marine template. I'd also imagine who you are playing as could affect this. I created a pure marine template with just 10 marines (20 width) just to get building them (with support AT, AA, AR and ENG), however this is a fairly week overall template except for 75% amphibious assault.

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Hoi4 Best Marine Template - The pictures related to be able to Hoi4 Best Marine Template in the following paragraphs, hopefully they will can be useful and will increase your knowledge. Appreciate you for making the effort to be able to visit our website and even read our articles. Cya ~.

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