US West Coast vs East Coast – How Are the Beaches Different?

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

When the summer comes and the warm weather comes with it, a lot of people flock to the beach to enjoy the fun in the sun. But what are the differences between the west and east coast beaches? Below are some of the differences between the beaches on the two coasts and what they offer.


The biggest difference between the two coasts are the states that are involved in the coasts. The west has just three states, but the east boasts 14. This makes the atmospheres and climates a lot more varied when it comes to the east coast. When you are visiting during the summer, the east’s weather is going to be sticky and humid while the west coast is going to have dry weather. The west coast beaches have rougher sand and you are likely to find more rocks on it than the east coast.


On the west coast, because of the waves and the warmer water, there is a lot of people who go there to surf. There is a laid-back style that you can see on beaches like Malibu Beach and Muscle Beach. The shops and the people here are also laid back compared with the east coast. When you go north on the west coast you will find a lot of national parks. Even though they are not going to be as popular when compared with the beaches in the south, they offer a lot of nature and great sights.

You are going to find an atmosphere that is very different in the east. Because of influences from the states such as New York, lifestyles on the east coast are a lot faster. People move quickly and they don’t sit around a lot. People such as Nantucket in Massachusetts or Myrtle Beach in South Carolina are huge destinations for tourists. They have a lot of clubs to visit and activities to keep people busy. There are also places such as the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard that have private beaches and that are known for rich people visiting.

In conclusion, beaches on both coasts have their draws and their advantages. It depends on if you want a lot of tourist attractions or a more laid-back vacation and that will help you with deciding which one to go to.

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